Niki La Rosa Summer Fest


The son of an Italian father and a Scottish mother, born in Glasgow and grown up in Livorno, Italy, Niki La Rosa picked up a guitar at the age of 10 and was soon writing his own music.

He has been writing music since a long time and has been touring around Europe as a street performer and has played in London, Belarus, Greece, Hungary and Italy with his band.

Niki is a self taught musician and comes from family where music was always there, just as the song “Before Gas And Tv” by Mark Knopfler describes well. His uncle Ian Campbell was the Bass player for Gerry Rafferty and many others. The massive hit “Baker Street” written by Rafferty was dedicated to him.

His technique on the acoustic guitar is a style Niki has developed by his self and he uses open tunings that give an incredible sound to his playing. His taste for melodies and harmony truly reflects his perspective on life, made of heart and soul.

He was chosen by legendary Italian actor, film director and singer songwriter Francesco Nuti to sing the soundtrack of his new film “Olga ed i fratellastri Billi” and to present the song “Olga Tu Mi Fai Mori” at the International Music Festival of Sanremo, where they could not participate due to political reasons.

His talent has been recognized by many “Big”names such as Jerry Barnes, Bass player for “Nile Rodgers & Chic”, Tony Sheridan and George Young, producer of legendary rock band AC/DC.

He took part on the “Playing For Change” project, in “The Art Of Saving A Life”, commissioned by the “Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation”, doing vocals on the song “Lean On Me”, by Bill Withers, which reached more than 6 million listeners on You Tube.

Juventus F.C. goalkeeper Wojciech Szcesny wanted Niki to play at his wedding after seeing him perform on the streets of Rome. It took place in Greece and Niki performed his song “Why Do I Still Love You?” during the ceremony, as this song was admitted by the couple to be the soundtrack of their love since the time Wojciech played for Arsenal F.C.

He recorded the soundtrack of the film “The Color Of Grass”, by Juliane Biasi Hendel, that was shown in cinemas across Italy and Switzerland.

His song “When You Look Into My Eyes” was chosen by the talented Italian film director Valerio Groppa for the soundtrack of his film “Gran Finale”.

Niki has recorded four albums and is currently working on a serious of singles that will lead to his fifth album.

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