Busking on Portobello Road in London with my Trio

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Busking on Portobello road with my friends


In 2011 I decided to go to London. I was fed up of my home town Livorno and I needed to put my self in a more stimulating scene.

I left Pisa Airport with my friend Yoyo on a British Airways flight directed to Gatwick in January. I’ve always loved getting a plane because my dream when I was a kid was to become a pilot.

Yoyo had told me that she had some friends in the music business and she could have helped me in London. It took me three days to realize that she would have brought me nowhere.

One day walking on the street I had to tell her that I had had enough of it and that I was going to go my way, on my own. I still remember her reaction! But there was nothing I could do about it.

I stayed at my cousins house for a bit and then I got a room in Hackney, Clapton Pond. Then I had started going busking and after I had bought my self a Roland Cube Street amplifier I was really enjoying it. I was even making good money playing my songs on the street.

Before leaving Livorno I had a Trio and we were doing really good busking and playing in clubs. Our friendship was amazing and our musical bond was incredible.

When I was in London we used to phone each other and every time I would tell them that I was making a lot of money on the street and I was having a great time there. They decided to come over for a week to play with me.

I still remember going to get them at Liverpool Street and having a drink in front of the station. It was strange to see them again maybe even because I was totally sober since leaving Livorno. I had stopped drinking at New Years Eve 2011.

The day after we went to perform but we didn’t find a good spot and we didn’t make enough money. I was assuring them that on the weekend it would’ve been better but I don’t know if they were trusting me.

Friday was better but not as I knew it could’ve being. We went by the river and I can’t remember exactly where but we had a good day and we were getting back into the mood we always had playing together. I remember a scholarship singing along on one of my riffs.

Saturday arrived and we headed to Portobello Road were I always went on a Saturday to busk. We stopped in a nice spot. The sky was blue and the energy was high and we took out our instruments and magic happened. It didn’t take long that we had already finished all the cd’s we had with us and they were a lot believe me. The crowd was amazing!

Seeing Massimo and Roberto with that smile filled my heart. I have always enjoyed massimo’s smile when we would make good money performing. But in the end, who wouldn’t have a big smile when you are doing what you love and you are filling your pockets with cash?

The day had just been perfect and the photograph above was taken that day after conquering Portobello Road in London.

Sweet memories of a life worth living.

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