Francesco Nuti and me. The story behind!

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Francesco Nuti, most of you might not know him, but he is a legend in Italy. In the 80’s and 90’s he was the most successful actor and film director around. At the time there were those who were fans of Francesco and those who were fans of Roberto Benigni. My father never liked Roberto. He was a huge fan of Francesco. He loved every film he made. I grew up with my father always talking about Francesco Nuti.

In 2011 I was recording my third album “London Journey” with a producer who was working even with Francesco Nuti’s brother. They invited me to perform Francesco’s songs from the soundtracks of his films and I got to perform in front of legendary actor.

In 2006 Francesco had a severe accident and was badly injured. The brain damage changed his life forever. I don’t know why but a lot of doors were closed for him and he was finding a lot of obstacles to produce his new film that he had written. After performing for him I was asked if I wanted to sing the soundtrack of his new film “Olga ed I Fratellastri Billi”. “What? Francesco Nuti is asking me to sing the soundtrack of his film?”

Francesco could not sing anymore due to the accident and to have being chosen by him to sing it was one of the biggest honors of my entire career. The plan was to present the song at the International Festival Di Sanremo. Francesco sent a letter to to Fabio Fazio saying that he was sending me to represent him and if they accepted me at the Festival it would have been a way to honor his entire carer. I was on every national newspaper and it was such an amazing feeling.

The day the article came out my father phoned me telling me what was happening. His son with Francesco Nuti, the actor he loved. I can just imagine how proud he was of me and for me to give him that joy was such a deep emotion.

In the meanwhile, after coming back from London, I was singing my songs on the streets of my home town Livorno. It’s a small town and the mentality is not that opened. A lot of people were looking at me as if I was begging for money. I didn’t care too much, but sometimes it did heart. I new I was doing something that nobody else had ever done in that town. When the article came out things started to change. People were stoping and shaking my hands and asking me about Francesco. I was thinking about how these things are strange. I mean, I was the same guy that the day befor was singing his songs and you were thinking that I was begging for money. Then, because Francesco chose me to sing the soundtrack of his new film I was seen differently. Just like in the book “martin Eden” from Jack London. But we know, success is seen as the measure of how good you are. I have always hated this concept.

Anyway, in the end we were not accepted at the Festival and Francesco till today has not yet found a producer for his last film. The sad thing is that they are all waiting for him to die. And yes, I guess it will be a huge success. But for me Francesco deserves a better treatment. Francesco was loved by so many people and to not give him the joy of seeing his new film produced is a total lack of respect for who gave so much to the Italians, who dreamed, cried and laughed with his films. His smile, despite the intentions of those who hated him, will last forever, because in the end Francesco was a nice guy and for me to have been chosen by him to represent him and sing the only song of his he could not sing is one of the biggest honors I have had, even towards my father.

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  • Keith says:

    Love the song, touching story highlighting how music and art connect nations and generations.

    • Niki La Rosa says:

      Hi Kieth,

      thanks for reading and commenting! I remember you! You saw my video on FB. Really thanks for being in touch.
      Yes, you are right, music and art is a universal language!
      If you want download my new single “Under London Sky” and let me know what you think about it!

      Have a great day,


  • Erik Wriedt says:

    Hi Niki.Great story,but sad too.People Can be so not understanding.You just show me what a great Heart you have. About suddenly being known I remember Keith Richards from Rolling Stones Said: from not to get laid,the next day the girls waited at me after we played.🤠🎸 He is ONE of my great heroes. See you. Erik. ONE LOVE. Z

  • Erik Wriedt says:

    PS.Sorry for my bad English.Hope you understand what I say. Peace and Love. Erik.

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