How a random guy gave me 12000 Euro to record my third album “London Journey”

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London Journey


Yes, what you have read is the truth. Miracles do happen and it happened to me.

Year 2011. It’s the 8 of October and I am in Livorno, my home town in Tuscany. A few months before I had been in London where I stayed for four months. I had met a girl there and, even though I liked her, the relationship was going nowhere. I was even a bit down for all the drama that was going on.

That day I decided to go and perform on Ricasoli Street. We are in the morning and at half past three I’ve got an airplane that will bring me back to London to me that girl.

I’m in the middle of playing my song “I Wish I Was With You Tonight” and this guy with his son buys one of my cd’s. Till there nothing new.

I arrive in London. I go to see the girl and things just aren’t going as I wished. The day after I receive an email from that guy who bought my cd with his son telling me how much he liked my music and asking why I was playing on the street with the talent I had. I can’t remember what I answered but he said that he wanted to meet me as soon as I got back to Livorno.

The meeting is in Piazza Cavour at a bar. We talk for a bit and I tell him that I have wrote so many new songs and I couldn’t wait to go in studio. The only problem was that I didn’t have the money. He looks at me and he says “Listen! I was lucky that I was born in a wealthy family and I don’t have money problems. I want to help you. I love what you do and I just want to support you!”.  What would have you thought in my place? I was astonished.

At the time I was recording with a friend of mine and decided to record the album with him in his studio.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. It was unbelievable. My third album came to birth thanks to Francesco Lorenzini, an amazing guy that gave me 12000 Euro to record my album without even knowing me. Was it a miracle? Yes it was and he is just an amazing human being.

If you would like to listen to my latest album you might consider clicking here.

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