Life and Music in times of Coronavirus, one year later.

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Life and music in times of Coronavirus

Life and music in times of coronavirus, one year later.

First of all for those who will be reading this post I wanted to tell them that I was born in Glasgow and left when I was eight years old to go and live in Italy. My dad was Italian, from Tuscany, and he couldn’t stand the Scottish weather anymore. For this reason my english may not be perfect but I want you to get who I am, no masks here.

I want to thank John for giving me the chance to write this blog in order to answer his question: How did this year of “Life and music in times of coronavirus” go on?

If you have not read my other blog post you may not know that I tried to give a new direction to my music career enrolling in some digital marketing courses.

John asked me how it all went. I will be clear and give my honest opinion.

The strategies I learnt are good but I can’t say I managed to have a decent response. The problem I think is in the offer, in your ability to write good emails which need a certain level of copywriting, high level, the time needed to concentrate on the whole system and, last but not least, the money needed for your paid ads.

First point: the offer.

I have recorded five albums, four at the time I started with the strategy and I was selling my latest album for 9.95 euro in digital download. If someone bought it there would have been an up-sell for my other three albums at 17 euro. That is all together 27 euro.

To get people on my mailing list I was spending 100/150 a month on Facebook ads. In marketing they say that only 3% of your subscribers will eventually buy your offer, not sure about the up-sell. So if my mailing list has 100 persons it means that 3 of them would spend all together between 30 and 81 euro.

Just from this I would be loosing money. Plus let me tell you that I did not manage to sell one album. I want to think It was because of my copywriting. The problem can’t be my music because I have sold 10000 cd’s performing on the street and I know that there is someone out there who will eventually like my music.

I think it could work if I had something of a higher level to sell, like an online course that you sell for 150/200 euro, where I would be teaching my style on the acoustic guitar. But I have not got a lot of visibility yet. One day I will do it and I’ll let you know.

What I was seeing was that I was getting more people on Spotify. Why should someone by my music in digital download if they can have it for free on those kind of platforms? So even to sell digital files may not be the right decision. For that reason I took all of my albums off those kind of platforms and I will be uploading just some songs per album.

Point 2: the emails!

I do believe that my automated emails were not written very well. Copywriting is an art, a science, whatever else, you can’t improvise. With a lot of knowledge, time and hard work, you might have some results. I can’t say for sure but if I bought those courses with the same strategy I was using it means that it does work. It needs a lot of consistency and you have to immerge your self in that world.

Too many things to handle: emails, facebook, livestreams, instagram, etc, etc.

Point 3: time!

It may be an excuse, but with a family to take care of and for all the time spent on all the social media platforms, all the studying and all the other things you can imagine it is really hard. Not impossible, but hard, especially when you don’t see good results.

Point 4: money!

This is something else to consider. How much money can you spend every month? The minimum suggested is 5 euro a day. That’s 150 euro a month. Just for one kind of ad.

There was an ad I was running on Facebook and I was spending 1 euro per day. That I must say was good. I was attracting people to my page. I had decided to do daily livestreams on Facebook to show even to the new people what I was doing. It was still a way to get a certain visibility.

At the beginning of the lockdown my livestreams with my PayPal account went very well. But slowly I started seeing less people. To many other artists doing it and maybe even my negligence. I tried to make the algorithm work well for me, but it didn’t.

But the power of livestreams is enormous. One day playing on the street with my dear friend Roberto Luti we made a certain good amount of money. We put even our PayPal account link and online we made 4 times that amount. Ok, Roberto is a well known musician. That helped. That is the potential of livestreams.


Was it worth it in the end? yes it was. I ended my year in an incredible way and something magical happened. It all came from my hard working, I know for sure. It will write another blog post to tell you about it.

Will I continue with the strategies I learnt? not completely. I am changing some things and this year I will be concentrating on a completely different one. I will come back to it, when I manage to gain more visibility and I will have even my online course to offer.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment. That would be great.

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  • John says:

    Hi Niki,
    thanks for your reply and the time to write this post! From what you say it sounds like the information is good and that perhaps polishing certain aspects would make it work better. However it could also be the point where you are doing everything right and it’s just the whole system that doesn’t work as it should no matter how hard you try (I also agree that selling something in the 100-200 zone is not the same as selling a song, or an album even). I also saw the free video and I wonder how one would recoup those 5 bucks a day by streaming/selling merch to people that basically don’t know you.
    However as a side effect it worked somehow in me getting to know your blog and in turn getting to know your music đŸ˜€

  • Niki La Rosa says:

    Hi John, I did learn a lot of things, and there are some points that I’m keeping. I will come back when I have managed to gain visibility and as I said when my online course with my DADDAD tuning will be ready.
    This web site was made with the course, and it has got a good selling funnel. You said it write, people don’t know you yet and it’s quite difficult to get them to buy straight away. The emails are important for that reason, to try and let people know who you are.
    Anyway, I’m happy for what I tried to do trying to reinvent my self.
    We’ll see!

    thanks again


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