Life and music in times of Coronavirus!

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Life and music in times of Coronavirus. Something we all had to deal with during this unforgettable 2020 in one way or another.

I live in Italy, and this country got hit badly with this virus. It all started like it was a flew. I remember watching the news and thinking “I don’t care, they just want to scare us as always”. But slowly things appeared to be serious.

Until we ended in a lockdown. The decision was imperative.

Being in Tuscany was surreal. Nobody was on the streets. What the hell was going on? Hospitals were full and there was no more beds for the patients.

I don’t know if this is real (I hope not) but they were talking about choosing who should have survived, and the choice fell on the young people. I couldn’t believe to what I was hearing. A society that doesn’t respect the senior citizens will only find it self lost spiritually, even if it survives.

But we didn’t need the Coronavirus to arrive to realize this. It’s been going on since a while now. You say that in times of crisis human nature manifests it’s true self.

We all had to face who we were and what we had done in our lives until then. I believe that so many of us felt lost. Not having to work, being stuck in the house, made us feel frustrated. This is another problem.

We totally give sense to our lives by our job.

It could’ve been a chance to rethink a lot of things, but I truly doubt that we did.

Going through a lot of really hardships in my youth has brought me to answer all the questions about life. The need to give my existence a meaning has always been strong.

Before lockdown I had been playing my songs as usual in clubs and performing on the streets. All of a sudden I couldn’t play anymore. Not saying that only musicians were hit by this problem. Every shop was closed. Only bakeries, supermarkets and tobacconists if think were opened.

If you were wise enough, or had the chance, you would’ve had saved some money just in case of event like this. But, honestly, nobody had ever thought that something like that could’ve happened. I felt that I had to change my approach to music.

Since lockdown I started studying online all that I could find on being an independent artist in 2020. I found so many interesting things and I launched my self on this new path. Improving my presence online and trying to understand the digital marketing for musicians was the key.

The first course I bought was from Rick Barker, formar manager of superstar Taylor Swift.

Here I learnt about Facebook Live’s with my PayPal account.

There I am in front of my mobile phone in an empty room. Quite nervous just as if I was going to be performing on a big stage. It was really nice. I loved it.

I was singing all my original songs and now and then singing some covers, which I don’t usually do.

The support I received was amazing. During my performances on the street I had met a lot of people. Not only they were watching and sharing my livestreams, they were sending me money.

Another course I did: the Music marketing Manifesto 4.0, from John Oszajca.

My “life and music in times of Coronavirus” has brought me to a deeper idea about my brand.

Now I have just enrolled even in another course, the Fanbase Academy, from Tobias Rauscher.

This is the beauty of internet. There are so many chances an independent artist in this moment. Obviously what I am doing will be clear soon. As my strategies will start working.

How have you lived your “life and music in times of Coronavirus”?

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  • Erik Wriedt says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world With your new musical carrer. AND THEN I WISH THAT THIS COVID-19 WILL DISSAPEAR SOON. Peace and Love. Erik.

  • Niki La Rosa says:

    Thanks Erik,

    yes, let’s hope it disappears soon, and, above all, that we have leaned something from this pandemic virus!

    have a great night,


  • John says:

    Hi Nicky, I feel exactly as you do and I think about using this time to improve my knowledge on the marketing aspect of making music. With that in mind I would be very happy if you could tell me whether the course you mention you’re doing is worth it or not. It’s kind of an investment in these times so I would like to be sure before jumping in.
    Thanks! John

    • Niki La Rosa says:

      Hi John, first of all thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Then I would like to know if you already knew me or you found my blog on internet just researching. You are giving me the chance to write a new blog post about. I’ll do it tonight. Please look for it later on and reply, it would be great!


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