Tito, the best dog ever!

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Niki and Tito


It’s time now to talk about my dog. To be honest he wasn’t mine, he was my dad’s. But we still loved each other and I always felt as if he was mine. Here I’ve got something else to say about ownership. I really don’t like the fact that we call our selfs owners of our dogs. I really hate it. Me and Tito were palls, brothers and we walked together for almost seventeen years.

He passed away the 1 of April 2019. It was really hard to loose him. I grew up with him and I loved him to bits. His eyes were incredible. I could see my expression reflected in his eyes. It’s true that dogs look like those who take care of them (finding another way to say it rather than owners) and it was clear to me. He was with me always. He ended up even on some songs of mine and videos. He lived all the way through for me to record my entire discography.

I think I was a bit prepared to it for the fact that since my baby was born and I moved into another house Tito stayed with my mother. The house where I went to live was of my father in law and no animals were allowed in. The only thing that made me accept this situation was the fact that he was with my mother and he would have been a good company for her too.

My sister still complains about how I managed the situation. She had to look after him. I know I could have done better but what is done is done. Still everyday I miss him so much. The life of a dog is to short. It’s not fair. Or maybe it’s a way for us to understand that life flies away so quickly. Tito taught me a lot of things. His love for life, his love for me, and his eyes that could talk more than a thousand words and that were really a reflection of his soul. There is so much you can understand from someones eyes.

Tito passed away in my arms. I made it to get back home in time. In that period I was writing a book. I was at the table writing a letter to my daughter telling her who Tito was and what he’d meant for me. Some days earlier he had stoped eating. I was just waiting for that moment to come to say goodbye. I lied down with him. His heart stopped beating. The last breaths and then he was gone. A new phase of my life was starting, a phase without Tito with whom I grew up and with whom I spent seventeen years of this journey.

I wrote a song about him and about the day he died. It will be in one of my next albums. Not in the upcoming one. I think in the one after that one.

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  • Claire says:

    I remember the dog you had in Berryknowes Road- it was a massive Alsatian.

    We ended up with Lucy, an Alsatian cross. We went to Assisi after she died. My dad has never recovered from it. I still get upset driving past the vets where she was put down. I am filling up just thinking about it now. Dogs are just the best- you are so right. They teach us so much. Sending you much love. Claire x

    • Niki La Rosa says:

      Hi Claire!

      yes, it’s a strange feeling. Life without them and without the ones we love is strange, but that’s just life a guess.
      Claire, I can’t remember you. I know that that you were a friend of my sister those days. Are you the girl that used to come to our house?

      Lot’s of love,

      Niki xxx

  • Jo says:

    A lovely piece of writing Nicki. He sure was the best dog ever. I cannot think of a time we hung out and he wasn’t there… a huge part of my time in Livorno and part of my favourite memories . He’ll never be forgotten! Xxx

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