The story behind my first album “Highways And Skies”!

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In 2003 I recorded an Ep in London with my uncle Ian Campbell. He had heard me sing my songs when I went to see my mother who had went back to live in Scotland. Since that day he had the desire to help me with my career. He was well known by a lot of big stars of the music scene like Gerry Rafferty (who dedicated the massive hit “Baker Street” to him), Graham Lyle, George Young, Tony Sheridan and many others.

My uncle had bought a Hotel in Dunoon but after a few years he got fed up and he sold it. He wasn’t made for retirement and to settle in a small little town as Gerry Rafferty sang on the song.

He got a bit of money from the hotel and he called me telling me to come to Southend on Sea, where he had went to live, because we would’ve recorded my album.

We got in the studio that he had booked for a week. It was February 2006 and I was kind of intimidated because I was not used to playing in a recording studio, but things went well even if I didn’t have the time to do my vocals and my guitars again.

I had great musicians in the studio with me like my uncle, Jerry Bloom on Fiddle, Pete Wilshere on Pedal Steel Guitar, Tom Huskisson on Piano and Clarinet and Phil Aldridge on drums and even my cousin Siobhan Campbell on back vocals.

I had a bit of problems for the production. Pete Wilshere was supposed to do it but I was not happy of what he had done until then.  I wanted the album to sound as I wanted it to. I am not easy in studio. All the musicians I’ve worked with know it very well. It’s not easy for me to trust someone, or maybe, I’ve just not yet found the right producer. Everything has got to sound well to my ears.

We recorded 11 songs and I was so impressed by the talent of Tom Huskisson. He was amazing, truly special. The ease of his playing was stunning. He had worked with some tough musicans like James taylor Quartet and many others.

I still remember the feeling of being in studio listening to my music and knowing that that was the only thing i wanted to do in my life. The joy of writing songs, recording and performing them is something that you can’t explain to those who have never had that chance. And to be honest, I’ve always loved my music. Maybe that’s just the way it should be.

If I listen to it now I can here that not everything went well, but I can still feel a lot of heart and soul and the memories of that week are something i will never forget. Being there with my uncle, going around with him and his friends was such an incredible experience.

It was February and every night going back home the moon was always shining bright. I was quite young and full of dreams and visions at the time and, even if some of them are not the same, I’m still that boy trying his best to live a life he has always dreamed of. It’s something impossible. I just want to live the way I want. We are only here once and I’m always pushing forward towards my dreams. I like this thing of my attitude and I hope I never loose that passion. there’s nothing worse than growing old without passion. It’s not easy but we’ve got to try.

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  • Erik Wriedt says:

    I love to Read your story. I love your music and wish only the best for you. Just stay being your self and keep on follow your Dreams. Peace~Love and Respect to you from Erik in Denmark. PS Sorry for my bad writing.

    • Erik Wriedt says:

      I love to read your story.I love your Music and wish only the best for you.Just stay being your self and keep on follow your dreams. Peace-Love and Respect to you from Erik in Denmark. PS Sorry for my bad English.

      • Niki La Rosa says:

        Hi Erik,

        Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Yes, I’m trying my best to do so no matter what, even though it’s not easy. But who said in the end that it was easy? maybe that is the beauty of it!
        Thanks again for reading and for your words, really!

        I wish you too all the best,


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