The Story Behind My Song “Father”

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Creativity is such a strange thing. You sit with your guitar on your knees and suddenly a new song is there.

It was 2011. I had just came back from London where I had spent four months playing on the street. Such an amazing experience of life!

After staying at my cousins house for a month in Lewisham I went to live in Clapton Pond, Hackney. The owner of the house, Sabina, was such an incredible girl. I loved my room and everything that was happening at the time.

After working for a month at a call center making phone calls to Italy, one day walking out the door, Sabina asked me where was I going. I told her I was going to work. She looked at me and she said “I thought you had came to London to play your songs!” “Yes, but I have even got to pay the rent!”. “Ok, so, don’t pay me it and and go and play your songs!”. Said and done.

One day coming back home I met a friend of Sabina in the Living room. I had already seen her but that day something happened. We started a love affair that went on till I left in May.

Coming back to Italy I was working on a yacht as a deckhand. It was my weekend summer job. Me and her were still in contact and the 8 of August she phones me telling me that her dad had passed away.

She had told me stories about there relationship when we were in London so it was quite easy for me to write about it.

I was In Corsica on the yacht. It was night time and I was relaxing under a sky full of stars. My guitar was on my knees and I started singing and writing the song.

It came out in just a few minutes. I recorded it with my little portable recording machine and I sent her it over.

The song starts with this line “Father, have I ever said I love you? If I haven’t I will now. I love you!”.

Luckily enough, before my father passed away I managed to tell him that I loved him several times. I didn’t know he was going to die. I thought he was eternal. But that’s life, and I remember well telling my father that he was the only father I would have wanted to have.

My thoughts to you my beloved father,

proud of being your son….!

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