Trastevere, the magic place in Rome!

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Niki in Rome


Trastevere! What an amazing place to perform on the street.

The first time I went it was 2010. I went down with my friend Roberto Luti, his girlfriend at the time, Simona, and Yoyo, a friend of mine. We had brought our guitars with us and we performed there. Back then I wasn’t playing with an amplifier so it hadn’t been such a great experience.

Some years later we went back there to play on the street with another friend of ours, Massimo Gemini, a saxophone player. We arrived in Piazza Santa Maria and we placed our selfs quite far from the beautiful fountain in the middle of the square. The first set didn’t go well, at least as we expected. So Roberto came up with an idea. He had played there with an American singer/songwriter, Luke Winslow King, and he said that they used to play in front of the fountain, 1,5 m far from it, so very close. So the next set we got closer.

All around the fountain there are stairs and people sit down and enjoy a little rest. We started playing and….boom! People really liked what we were doing and we managed to sell so many cd’s.¬†

We had already been performing on the street, even in London, and it was amazing. We were used to the reaction of the people. But that square had something special.

We continued going down to Rome from Livorno, Tuscany, every weekend for 6 years. So many concerts, so many cd’s sold, so many people met and incredible memories. Trastevere has been one of the most incredible periods of my life. We were loving it. It was a dream. No clubs to contact to get a gig. Nothing to ask at nobody to do what I loved most, play my music.

Every time we went back home our pockets were full of money. What we were making on the street is embarrassing in a certain way. But we deserved it. We loved what we were doing, we were handsome (which helps a lot) and we were good. And, people loved my songs.

The friendships we made there are still alive and Trastevere is a part of me. Strange enough, because I know that my mother lived there when she was eighteen, coming from Glasgow with her sister Anne and their friend Linda Hamilton. The soul of that place is just magic.

I managed to play at a lot of weddings thanks to Trastevere. A lot of people have wanted to get married with my music. I even got to play at the wedding of the goalkeeper of Juventus F.C., Wojciech Szczesny, in Greece in 2016. Him and his wife saw us playing on the street and wanted to have us with them on their special day. One of my songs “Why Do I Still Love You?” is the soundtrack of there love, of when he was playing for Arsenal Football Club.

Unfortunately, you can’t play there anymore in that beautiful place in Rome. If you ever plan to go to the “Eternal City” you can’t miss out Trastevere!

If you’d like to listen to more of my songs just click here.

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