“Under London Sky”..the story behind my latest single!

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“Under London Sky”..the story behind my latest single!

In 2015 I was in London for some months. Before leaving I was offered a job which I refused because I just wanted to continue with my music career. My girlfriend at the time didn’t appreciate it and things between us were not going well so that was a reason more for me to leave.

One day I was playing on the street at Lewisham Market and a girl bought my Cd. The same day I received a message on Facebook from that girl. She liked my music and asked me when I would’ve been playing again there.

Maybe it was a fortuity but I had just sent a message to my girlfriend in Italy explaining her that I was moving on and willing to live my life.

I went to play again at the market and I met the girl. We made an appointment and the next day we met for a glass of wine at her place.

I can tell a lot form the way someone decorates their house and as soon as I walked in I felt at home. After a couple of glasses of wine the night took off and it was incredible.

From her room she a had a roof window from where you could see London’s incredible skies. I loved it.

Our love affair went on even though we new that there was going to be an end.

In July I had to go back to Italy to record the soundtrack of a film and before leaving I wrote “Under London Sky”. The chorus goes: “Remember me under London sky, remember me looking from your window”.

This song is the photograph of that period, of that love. I lovely memorie stuck in my heart.

Today we have both got our own families and we have moved on. But a song is there forever no matter what and I am happy that I managed to tell her I was sorry for the way I had behaved with her.

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I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think about it!

If you would like to listen to my latest album “Circles” click here.

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