The story behind my first album “Highways And Skies”!

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  In 2003 I recorded an Ep in London with my uncle Ian Campbell. He had heard me sing my songs when I went to see my mother who had went back to live in Scotland. Since that day he had the desire to help me with my career. He was well known by a […]

Francesco Nuti and me. The story behind!

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  Francesco Nuti, most of you might not know him, but he is a legend in Italy. In the 80’s and 90’s he was the most successful actor and film director around. At the time there were those who were fans of Francesco and those who were fans of Roberto Benigni. My father never liked […]

Life and Music in times of Coronavirus!

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  Coronavirus, something we all had to deal with during this unforgettable 2020. I live in Italy, and this country got hit badly with this virus. It all started like it was a flew. I remember watching the news and thinking “I don’t care, they just want to scare us as always”. But slowly things […]

Tito, the best dog ever!

Niki and Tito

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  It’s time now to talk about my dog. To be honest he wasn’t mine, he was my dad’s. But we still loved each other and I always felt as if he was mine. Here I’ve got something else to say about ownership. I really don’t like the fact that we call our selfs owners […]

“Under London Sky”..the story behind my latest single!

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    In 2015 I went to London for some months. Before leaving I was offered a job which I refused because I just wanted to continue with my music career. My girlfriend at the time didn’t appreciate it and things between us were not going well so that was a reason more for me […]

Busking on Portobello Road in London with my Trio

Niki Trio

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  In 2011 I decided to go to London. I was fed up of my home town Livorno. I needed to put my self in a more stimulating scene. I left Pisa Airport with my friend Yoyo on a British Airways flight directed to Gatwick. It was January. I’ve always loved getting a plane. My […]

How a random guy gave me 12000 Euro to record my third album “London Journey”

London Journey

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  Yes, what you have read is the truth. Miracles do happen and it happened to me. Year 2011. It’s the 8 of October and I am in Livorno, my home town in Tuscany. A few months before I had been in London where I stayed for four months. I had met a girl there […]

How I met Jerry Barnes the Bass Player of “Nile Rodgers & Chic”

Niki street lucca

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  It was July. The Lucca Summer Festival was on and I was performing as usual on the street in Piazza San Michele. It must have been about half past three in the afternoon, the right time for playing on the street. Tourists have had something to eat, maybe a bit of wine and most […]

The Story Behind My Song “Father”

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  Creativity is such a strange thing. You sit with your guitar on your knees and suddenly a new song is there. It was 2011. I had just came back from London where I had spent four months playing on the street. Such an amazing experience of life! After staying at my cousins house for […]

Trastevere, the magic place in Rome!

Niki in Rome

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  Trastevere! What an amazing place to perform on the street. The first time I went it was 2010. I went down with my friend Roberto Luti, his girlfriend at the time, Simona, and Yoyo, a friend of mine. We had brought our guitars with us and we performed there. Back then I wasn’t playing […]

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